Safe In NM

Creating Environments Free
of Substance Use

Welcome to SAFE in Northern Michigan!

SAFE in Northern Michigan exists to prevent youth substance use, increase community awareness and create change through collaboration, education, prevention initiatives and environmental strategies of tobacco, alcohol and other substance use in Antrim, Charlevoix and Emmet counties.


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Under your roof? Lock it up! FREE lock kits, drug testing kits available

SAFE in Northern Michigan provides free locks for families to use to keep alcohol, medication and other substance safely locked up. SAFE also provides free alcohol and drug testing kits. The locks and kits are available at Health Department of Northwest Michigan offices in Emmet, Charlevoix and Bellaire counties, as well as the Mancelona Family Resource Center. Click here for addresses of these locations. 

Congratulations, 2021 SAFE seniors!

Take a video tour of the Hidden in Plain Sight traveling teen bedroom

The SAFE collaborative has created a traveling teen bedroom to help parents learn about how their teens might be using substances, in plain sight. The "Hidden in Plain Sight" trailer is typically open for parent tours at events such as sporting activities and parent-teacher conferences. Due to COVID-19, the trailer is not on display publicly this year. However, SAFE collaborative member Trooper Corey Hebner, Michigan State Police, recently narrated a tour of the trailer and this video was created to share with parents. Please take some time to watch the video and let SAFE know if you would like more information, at

BE SAFE – New PSAs launched by SAFE Youth

In March 2020, the 'All SAFE Youth' meeting was held at the Genesis Center in Petoskey.  SAFE Youth members from all 11 school districts came together for a full day meeting of team building activities, project planning and learning. A large part of the day was spent working with the film crew from 9&10 News to film the newest PSA campaign, “BE SAFE.” The PSAs will be broadcast on TV, radio and before movies at the local movie theaters. This was a large effort, put together by youth, adult members and area sponsors!  Watch the new 30- and 15-second PSAs - click here


  • In 2019-20, SAFE received $9,413 in community support!
  • FACT: 83.6% of Charlevoix County high school students reported NOT using marijuana in the past 30 days.(MiPHY 2018)
  • FACT: 84.2% of Antrim County high school students reported NOT using marijuana in the past 30 days.(MiPHY 2018)
  • In the past 30 days, 35.2 percent of Charlevoix County High School students reported vaping. (MiPHY 2018)
  • In the past 30 days, 23.7 percent of Antrim County High School students reported vaping. (MiPHY 2018)
  • In the past 30 days, 24.7 percent of Emmet County High School students reported vaping. (MiPHY 2018)
  • In 2019-20, SAFE recorded 2,924 youth volunteer hours and 1,453 adult volunteer hours!
  • SAFE is proud to have 109 active youth members, 43 active adult members, and 11 active school partners.
  • SAFE reached about 5,413 youth in 2019-20 with prevention activities! This includes 66 community activities and 123 youth-led prevention projects.
  • SAFE distributed 663 alcohol/nicotine/drug tests; 962 Naloxone doses; 150 alcohol locks; 331 RX lock boxes; 7,145 stickers for alcohol prevention.